Remembering AnneMarie: “It’s Our Journey Until We Find a Cure”

Rhode Island Blood Center

For Bob and Linda Dagesse, volunteering for the Rhode Island Blood Center and its Be the Match marrow program, is part of a journey, a way of remembering their daughter and helping find a cure for the disease that claimed her life.

“We had to continue her journey,” says Bob, remembering Annemarie. “It’s now my, our, journey, until they find a cure.”

Retired teachers, Bob and Linda, and their other two children, Andrew and Arielle, have remained committed to the memory of Annemarie, and have traveled as far away as Alaska to carry her message.

As a family, they’ve run in half marathons (“She would never believe we’ve become jocks,” Bob says), raising awareness of AML, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

At the Blood Center, Bob and Linda often volunteer at Marrow drives in a variety of ways, including helping to take health histories. They are part of a team of…

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