More amazing facts about blood donations

In my opinion, donating blood is something that everyone should do.  It doesn’t take that much time yet the benefits are remarkable.  Lives are saved which support growth and the community as a whole   Each year, nearly five million people need blood transfusions for various reasons.  For that to be reached, 266,000 blood donations a year are needed which translates to 728 donors a day.

The people who need the blood transfusions depend on those who volunteer to donate each different type of blood donations when they can.  This is turn gives the gift of life back to them and their families.  It puts a smile on everyone’s face to know that they gave & that they received.  There are many different centers all across the country to donate and one that is frequently used in Georgia is LifeSouth.  You can visit LifeSouth’s website at to obtain more information and for the donatin center nearest you.

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