gave blood

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I gave blood today – did my pint in about 8 minutes. The worst part was the tourniquet which I thought was way too tight. It happens.

Before that, I farewelled the adults of the ministry team that left at noon. They were a huge blessing even though only here for a few days. I learn so much in retrospect and suppose that they will also be taking in new lessons from their own experiences here.

Yesterday we visited my Orocovis family/friends and the ministry team visiting carried out some  Bible lessons and a song with the family there. At the end of the song, the father expressed in his minimal sign language,  something to the effect of “THAT ROCKED MY SOUL!” It WAS super good.

Since giving blood, I have been hanging out in the hammock.  Every so often Bazooka comes along and tries to understand why he CAN’T…

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