History of Blood Donation

In the modern world of fast technology and information at your fingertips, people take blood donation for granted. Although the first blood transfusion took place almost two centuries ago, in 1818, it was followed by many failures. The failures were mainly due to the lack of understanding that people have different red blood cells, more commonly known as blood types. It wasn’t until World War 2 that blood donation made significant strides due to this knowledge as well as learning how to preserve and transport the donated blood.

After the conclusion of World War 2, blood banks were created in all major cities across the United States. Because of the spread of many diseases through the transfusion of blood, the federal goverment has placed many restrictions and regulations on blood donation to keep people safe.

Blood donation 1940s

“Human blood is precious. There is no substitute for it and there is no way to manufacture it outside the body. Yet, millions of time each year, human blood is required to save the lives of people suffering from disease or who are victims of accidents.”

Information found on http://www.bloodcenters.org
Photo found on http://www.wikipedia.org

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