Putting a Face on Blood Donation

Donated blood is used in a multitude of ways. Patients ranging from those with cancer and leukemia, to burn victims and organ transplants all are in need of donated blood. Each situation requires different amounts and types of blood. Leukemia, for example, can require between 2-6 pints of red blood cells and 6-8 units of platelets daily for 2-4 weeks.

People involved in serious accidents, such as car crashes, could need tremendous amounts of blood. When supermodel Niki Taylor was in a car crash in Atlanta in 2001, she needed over 100 blood transfusions. This equalled blood from over 300 donors. Recently, Niki Taylor was provided the opportunity to meet some of these donors at the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross earlier in March. The donors had no idea who they were meeting, just that it was someone who had recieved their blood over 10 years ago. They were shocked that it was a celebrity, but it did not matter to them who it was, only that their blood helped save a life. Taylor was originally treated at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta.

niki taylor

Check out the below link on ajc.com to see Niki Taylor thanking her donors:

Information found on http://www.utahblood.org as well as http://www.redcrossblood.org

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  1. Great personal interest story to include!

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