Facts about Blood types

There are many fascinating facts about blood that most people are unaware of. In my opinion, most people know that their blood helps them to exist and they may not give it another thought. Everyone has a different blood type of blood. The 4 groups of blood types are:
Type A
Type B
Type AB
Type O
Your individual blood type is determined by your parents, grandparents and everyone that came before you, in other words, passed down to you.


If you do not know your blood type, there is a test that can be performed to advise you what type you have. Testing is performed that is very similar to donating blood. The blood is drawn from either the back of your hand or the inside of you elbow. The site is disinfected, a tourniquet is placed on the upper part of you arm so the vein can ‘pop’ letting the technician know the exact spot to puncture. The needle is inserted and the blood is drawn. Once all the needed blood is in the vial, then needle is removed and the area is again cleansed and covered with a bandage.

Testing is now performed to determine the type. The test is called ABO typing. The blood is mixed with antibodies to check for type A and B, depending on whether or not the cells stick together will determine if the blood interacted with the antibodies. Next, the liquid part of the blood is mixed blood that is known to be type A and type B. Both types A and B have each other’s antibodies while type O has both. These two steps determine what type of blood you have.

These tests are very important because only specific types of blood can be donated to specific types. Please use the link below to view a chart that will detail the type of blood that you have and who you can give to and who you can receive from.


Keep in mind that type O is the universal blood type and can be given to everyone

I hope this breakdown helps everyone to know what type of blood they can receive should they need it.

Information obtained at http://www.nlm.nih.gov

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