Robin’s Blood Donation Experience

Giving blood is one of the most selfless acts that anyone can perform. Each and everyday, hundreds of people are in need of blood for a variety of reasons. That is why I am so passionate about this. As I have previosly stated in another blog, blood banks were created after World War II all across the United States. The process was made fairly simple for everyone to participate in. I hope that by watching my donation experience, everyone will believe in this as much as I do. Life South in Atlanta is an incredible organization. They have an office location, which is where I went, or they have Blood mobiles that travel to different schools, offices and any other organization that would like to host a blood drive. The technician who who administered my donation was a pleasure to be around. As you can hear, she let me ask her questions as well as offering exactly what she was doing each and every step of the way. If you’re nervous about the process, or scared of having a needle stuck in your arm, someone of her nature would make you feel relaxed and let you realize how important it is.

I did face a few challenges during this process. I was using iMovie on the iPad to record the experience, something which I had never done before. With the help of my daughter, who did the filming, it all turned out great. I then had to edit the video from 10.5 minutes down to approximately 6, this was the most challenging. Deciding what to keep and then where to enter in subtitles so that the video flowed together was an experience. After several hours of this, I believe that I finally put together a video that showed my passion for this cause as well as information that would allow other people do want to go and donate.

Knowing all the challenges people face on a daily basis for a variety of reasons, donating blood is one that you can do and feel confident that you have helped out someone in need. I hope that by watching my experience, it makes you go to and set an appointment to donate.

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2 Responses to Robin’s Blood Donation Experience

  1. Hey I’m your classmate for English and I’m just trying to figure out how to post the video to WordPress and not just the link.. Thanks

    • brenner2 says:

      When you have YouTube up, down at the bottown you will see the word Embed, click on that & it will bring up the address in the box, copy it & then paste that into word press…good luck

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