History of Blood Donation

In the modern world of fast technology and information at your fingertips, people take blood donation for granted. Although the first blood transfusion took place almost two centuries ago, in 1818, it was followed by many failures. The failures were mainly due to the lack of understanding that people have different red blood cells, more commonly known as blood types. It wasn’t until World War 2 that blood donation made significant strides due to this knowledge as well as learning how to preserve and transport the donated blood.

After the conclusion of World War 2, blood banks were created in all major cities across the United States. Because of the spread of many diseases through the transfusion of blood, the federal goverment has placed many restrictions and regulations on blood donation to keep people safe.

Blood donation 1940s

“Human blood is precious. There is no substitute for it and there is no way to manufacture it outside the body. Yet, millions of time each year, human blood is required to save the lives of people suffering from disease or who are victims of accidents.”

Information found on http://www.bloodcenters.org
Photo found on http://www.wikipedia.org

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gave blood

musings and amusings

I gave blood today – did my pint in about 8 minutes. The worst part was the tourniquet which I thought was way too tight. It happens.

Before that, I farewelled the adults of the ministry team that left at noon. They were a huge blessing even though only here for a few days. I learn so much in retrospect and suppose that they will also be taking in new lessons from their own experiences here.

Yesterday we visited my Orocovis family/friends and the ministry team visiting carried out some  Bible lessons and a song with the family there. At the end of the song, the father expressed in his minimal sign language,  something to the effect of “THAT ROCKED MY SOUL!” It WAS super good.

Since giving blood, I have been hanging out in the hammock.  Every so often Bazooka comes along and tries to understand why he CAN’T…

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Why you should give blood and not chocolate this Easter

Everyone in every country, state or island should Give Blood instead of Chocolate #ENGLCE

Have a laugh on me

INSTEAD of giving chocolate this Easter why not consider donating blood to potentially help save the lives of three people.

We all know someone who is or has been affected by cancer – these are the people who benefit the most from blood donations.

At the moment across Queensland, and probably other states and territories, there is a dangerously low number of people booked in to give blood over Easter.

This is not good, because the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs 27,000 blood donations each week to ensure there are adequate supplies across the country.


Image source

Many of you will be surprised to learn that most of the blood isn’t used for people in accidents or emergencies.

Most of the it is used to help people with cancer and other serious illnesses.

Right now the blood service is “really concerned” that some products with short shelf lives…

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BloodCenter Hosts 13th Annual Milwaukee Bucks Blood Drive

Wow, what a great story. Born at 26 weeks and now 7 years old, blood transfusions helped him start his life. This Milwaukee Center had 487 donors give blood during their drive, what an accomplishment. As states in the article, O negative and platelet donors are in high demand.


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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee Bucks are teaming up with The BloodCenter of Wisconsin for the 13th annual Milwaukee Bucks Blood Drive.

Hundreds of people showed up at the BMO Harris Bradley Center Monday, March 25th.  Among the donors was the Verdin family, whose son relied on blood transfusions when he was an infant.

“He was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1 lb., 1.5 oz., and then 11 inches,” Tamie Verdin said.

Her son, Santos, who is now seven, was born more than two months premature.  She says she wasn’t sure if he’d make it to the next day.  Santos was in the NICU for three months.  Blood transfusions kept him alive.  Nine units of blood, almost the amount of blood an average adult contains, helped him develop and grow.

“It was very scary.  He had a 95% chance he wasn’t even going to make it…

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Follow the American Red Cross to obtain a variety of information about blood donations and all the other amazing servies they offer.

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Agreed. Blood Donation is something to be very proud of doing #ENGLE

Every Blood Donor Is A Hero

Blood Donation Gives a Proud Feeling of Touching Someone’s Life in Such a Beautiful Way! Be a Proud Blood Donor!

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More amazing facts about blood donations

In my opinion, donating blood is something that everyone should do.  It doesn’t take that much time yet the benefits are remarkable.  Lives are saved which support growth and the community as a whole   Each year, nearly five million people need blood transfusions for various reasons.  For that to be reached, 266,000 blood donations a year are needed which translates to 728 donors a day.

The people who need the blood transfusions depend on those who volunteer to donate each different type of blood donations when they can.  This is turn gives the gift of life back to them and their families.  It puts a smile on everyone’s face to know that they gave & that they received.  There are many different centers all across the country to donate and one that is frequently used in Georgia is LifeSouth.  You can visit LifeSouth’s website at www.lifesouth.org to obtain more information and for the donatin center nearest you.

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